Frequently Asked Questions

“Survey respondent estimated that if 100% of defects were addressed and remediated prior production, they would experience a 33% cost saving” M.Ballou, Industry Survey 2008
  • What is Elevate?

    Elevate is the complete management system that ensures the smooth and professional running of your business. Elevate guides all and ensures perfect harmony.

  • Where does Elevate come from?

    Elevate was designed from within the industry by S. McGowan. With over 35 years’ experience in construction, and duties ranging from managing director, consultant, troubleshooter, senior project manager and design coordinator, Steve has sampled all sectors of the industry in detail. This solution creates proactive management instead of reactive management.

  • Why should Elevate be used?

    Elevate will improve your company’s performance and where required enhance your company’s protocols. With contracts managed with particular ease and in a stress-free environment.Changing everyone’s life all at the same time.

  • What makes Elevate different?

    Elevate has been designed to give help and assistance to ALL. It is the first system that guides people and interlinks the main categories that are time-cost-design. Many systems just deal with monies or quality. Elevate is the only system that deals with it all.

  • Is Elevate value for money?

    Elevate can save your overall project up to 14% with the linking of all parties, quality and non recoverables under control. Risk is virtually eliminated.

  • How will Elevate improve my business?

    It is very hard to know every little detail of your business. It is even harder to know every decision that is being made on your behalf, with regards to how your business is being conducted. Not everyone tells you the truth! Sometimes you are told what you want to hear not what is actually happening. People do not tend to tell you bad news; people tend to be more optimistic. I think most people who have run their own business understand this. One simple decision from another can have a massive effect on your company and the sooner you find out the better.

    Well you have no need to worry, check in your own time and log into Elevate and see in real time exactly where your contract is, right from status to programme to expected cash flows. Life soon becomes easier and more hassle free.